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Self-published catalogue

15 x 15cm, stapled 


This catalogue exists within an ongoing project called Fifty- nine hours? No food no sleep?. This umbrella title is shared by a number of outcomes, all of which are concerned with simultaneously developing and practicing (unless these are already the same?) a feminist methodology through which to make it possible to work as an artist in settings, histories and circumstances which are or have been otherwise oriented.

Arising through an assessment of skill, qualification, self-worth and possibility, this catalogue aims to unapologetically gener- ate a form of subsistence at a specific time in which a myriad of apparatuses deem this lo- gistically difficult. Denying the so-called binary of content and form, the paintings presented in this catalogue are simultane- ously means and an end, and hope to act as renumeration for the seemingly unquantifiable forms of labour undertaken throughout the wider project. Painted on demand — a form of risk management, if you will.

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