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Publication by Alaa Abu Asad, Alejandro Cerón, Clementine Edwards and Isabelle Sully 

First published in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, in collaboration with Acervo da Laje and the Dutch Art Institute, March 2017.

Jornal is a newspaper that was produced for Acervo da Laje – a museum with a school attached in a comunidade called Plataforma in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. It reports on the work of the museum and the school, as well as the relationship between art and education, and hopes to assist in the dissemination of Acervo da Laje's radical practice of education in the community within which it resides. 

View Jornal in English here

View Jornal in Portuguese here

Designed by Alaa Abu Asad, Alejandro Cen, Clementine Edwards and Isabelle Sully 

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