Agatha Gothe-Snape, Shane Haseman, Andrew Long, Evan Morgan Grahame, Isabelle Sully

Curated by Ry Haskings

May 7 – 24, 2014

TCB Art Inc., Melbourne


Mijacogeo was the name of the final telecast of the Monkees TV series. The episode contains multiple points of interest: the phenomena that was the Monkees, the specific plot of this episode, its title and its references. This exhibition is a collection of works that respond to varying elements of this fiction. 

Making a sculpture a star, 2014, google image of 'archetypal modernist sculpture' distributed on twenty button badges pinned to audience

each 3 cm diameter


Making a sculpture a star, 2014, google image of 'archetypal modernist sculpture' poster in Waratah place, 59.4 x 84.1cm


Mijacogeo text.pdf

mijacogeo, tcb art inc, isabelle sully, ry haskings, agatha gothe-snape, andrew long, shane haseman, evan morgan grahame