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A friend to the idea


Scripted introductory address, microphone, chair



Performed by Gabriëlle Scheijpen

A friend to the idea was performed at the Dutch Art Institute on the occasion of the inaugural presentation for the 2016–2017 edition of ‘The Kitchen Not the Restaurant’ (a year-long program of student presentations). The work—which plays on institutional mutuality and trust through talking about compliance—is a scripted introductory address woven seamlessly into the annual introductory address through being performed by the director of the school. The task of commencing the program was allocated to Isabelle Sully on request from Gabriëlle Scheijpen, director of the school,  allowing for an exchange of places whereby the work was performed by Gabriëlle Scheijpen on request from Isabelle Sully, student of the school.

View script here

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