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Christopher D'Arcangelo

Co-editor w/ Yana Foqué

Published by Kunstverein Publishing, Amsterdam, Artists Space, New York

October 2023

Launching: February 25, 2024, at Artists Space, New York

If you stand close enough to the action, with a glass to the wall, you can hear the sound of teeth being gritted

Curator, featuring Ranice Henderson Crosby, Brianna Leatherbury and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt

Jacqueline, Athens

March 21 – April 28, 2024


The Lips of History


With Pelumi Adejumo, Bia Davou, Hazel Meyer and Cait McKinney, Olga Micińska, Kirsten Pieroth, Atsuko Tanaka and the Houweling Telecommuseum

A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam

May 4 – July 21, 2024


Playbill: Act IX: Pamela Sneed

Co-curator w/ Martha Jager

June 8, 8pm, 2024

Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam

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