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Modified office keyboard (belonging to The Physics Room), substitute email signature, paper trail

Dimensions unknown


The performance t is an extension of the film Diligen_ was the word. Throughout the duration of the exhibition Transit Through Handshake, a solo exhibition held at The Physics Room, Christchurch, from November 29 – December 23, 2018, 

the letter 'T' was removed from the  keyboard of the gallery's main office computer. The gallery's assitant curator, Hope Wilson, worked from this computer throughout the exhibition. Prior to the opening of the exhibition she was given these instructions:

On the general administrative computer in the gallery office, download the free program ‘Ukelele’ for MAC from the internet. Install the program and create a new keyboard whereby the lowercase ‘t’ and the uppercase ‘T’ are replaced with the underscore symbol (_). Once you have added this keyboard to your computer, please use it each time you send emails, compile documents, submit budgets, so on and so forth, relating to the running of the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition. Alongside the altered keyboard, please replace the usual gallery email signature with the image attached  below. It should be sized down enough for it to appear as a to-scale fingerprint. 

Photo by Mitchell Bright

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