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July 9 – 25, 2015

TCB Art Inc., Melbourne

In 1973, when Gough Whitlam bought Blue Poles, The Herald ran a cover story with the heading ‘Would you pay $1.3 million for this?’ Below it sat a large reproduction of Pollock’s painting and an accompanying tag line stating: ‘Here it is for your wall, your Herald souvenir of Australia’s controversial painting.’ Earlier this year, Fantastic Furniture promoted the sale of their canvas wall art Splashes of Maroon, informing us that ‘the warm maroon tones, intermingled with yellow and grey, and embellished with splashes of black and white, create a dramatic look that will complement a variety of interior colour schemes.’ Slang presents replicated versions of a selection of product paintings to open up questioning around the sociological attitudes and aesthetic tendencies that relegate art to the realm of decoration—rather than a mode for criticality.

List of works:

Inflection 2, 2015, acrylic, enamel on canvas, shrink wrap, 90 x 50cm

Splashes of Maroon, 2015, acrylic, enamel on canvas, shrink wrap,120 x 80cm


Ethereal Glow, 2015, acrylic, enamel, PVA, silicone adhesive on canvas, shrink wrap, 60 x 40cm


Autumn Breeze, 2015, acrylic, enamel on canvas, shrink wrap, 80 x 80cm


Untitled (display wall), 2015, steel, enamel, 2930 x 3550cm


Here it is for your wall!, 2015, poster, 29.7 x 42cm

Photos by Christo Crocker

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