Two In A Coffin

An exhibition by Valentina Curandi and Isabelle Sully

September 7 – October 6, 2019

Marwan, Amsterdam

I have passed on your proposal, or question, concerning the flooding of the project space with slip. We have talked about it, let it sink in, and talked some more. We would like for it to happen, on the condition that it happens safely for you, us and anyone entering the space. We have to think electricity, water damage and lasting stains. Also slip danger, and as discussed, the necessity to access the boiler.

Drawing its name from the history of the hospitalisation of childbirth—where, when confronted with an exponential increase in the number of deaths during birth and in order to cover up this institutional unpreparedness and negligence, hospitals began burying women in pairs—Two In A Coffin is a two-person exhibition by Valentina Curandi and Isabelle Sully that steams from the artists’ differing approaches to the effects of standardisation on both the gendered body and artistic production. In occupying the confined space of Marwan together, and through scoring a narrative around the administration of life and the management of death, a number of site-specific sound, text and performative works will be presented that concentrate on issues of safety, expression and policy as they relate to the protection of property. 

View the work Policy No. IV: Regarding Property here

Photos by Chun-Han Chiang

View room sheet here

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