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An event series curated by Martha Jager and Isabelle Sully at Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam 


Torpedo Theater is a long-running, small-scale, thirty-seat theatre in the heart of Amsterdam’s city centre. Originally founded by Het Parool, the Dutch national newspaper, the theatre has been committed to the spoken, written and performed word from the beginning. Drawing a connection to the theatre’s history with print media, Playbill is an event-based project invested in the presentation of experimental language and text-based artistic works on the (small) stage. 


Past acts include: 

Act I: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, March 24, 2022

Act II: Moniek Toebosch, June 24, 2022

Act III: Itziar Okariz, December 2, 2022

Act IV: Mieko Shiomi, March 9, 2023

Act V: Anna Daučíková & Helena Jiskrová, June 9, 2023

Act VI: Sarah Schulman, August 25, 2023

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