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De Blijvende Burger, Eerst Editie


Self-published with support from A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam

January, 2021


Designed by Ilke Gers and Matt Hinkley, with contributions by Anonymous, Anonymous, Fay van Blitterswijk, Niekolaas Lekkerkerk and Remco Torenbosch

The Perpetual Citizen/De Blijvende Burger, Eerst Editiie is a newspaper reporting on the often-estranging happenings inside A Tale of A Tub to its most immediate audience: the residents of Justus van Effencomplex, the architectural compound within which it the gallery resides. As well as being an act of translation, the paper is also an ode to van Effen, who founded and anonymously published the first tabloid-style newspaper in the Netherlands in 1731.

The first edition of De Blijvende Burger was published in the context of the exhibition UX, User Experience, U and X: An exhibition ecosystem byThe Practice of Brenda Tempelaar, held from November 14, 2020 – January 24, 2021, at A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam. This exhibition aimed to question the role of singular authorship and the user experience of exhibitions by collecting a number of artists under the shared pseudonym of 'The Practice of Brenda Templelaar' and seeking to make an exhibition structure that takes everyone's needs into account. The newspaper, which was published on the last day of the exhibition, reports on the successes and failures of the process.


De Blijvende Burger, Eerst Editie was published in Dutch and English and is available at A Tale of A Tub or here.

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