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Everyone's Talking About the Weather

Luigi Fusinato

Curated by Simon McGlinn and Isabelle Sully


August 14 – 28, 2015

Salon at Owen Dixon Chambers West

Room 409, Level 4

525 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Everyone’s Talking About the Weather is an exhibition by Australian artist Luigi Fusinato. Situated in a criminal barrister’s chambers in the central business district, the exhibition brings together a collection of works from 1979 and 2015, which concentrate on mass-media imagery surrounding the German terrorist group The Red Faction Army; or as they are or commonly known, The Baader Meinhof Gang. The exhibition is accompanied by two texts, an anonymous political tract and an anecdote by Nicholas Tammens.

Beginning in August 2015, Salon is a roaming curatorial project by Simon McGlinn and Isabelle Sully that organises exhibitions in various non-gallery locations. It is primarily interested in extending the possibilities of artworks through locating them within the binary of art and non-art audiences. 

Photos by Hamish McDonald

View publication and list of works here

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