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Apartment E


Hidden speaker, audio-recorded whisper, building ventilation grate

11 min, 11 sec


Apartment E is a recorded text about living and working in Apartment E at Villa Waldberta, or, an attempt to open the studio of a writer. The piece chronicles the history of the Villa Waldberta—the location where the open studios took place—through accounts of previous residents of the house, connecting a history of female labour and male ownership to a concurrent history of publishing. Played through an exterior grate positioned above the open window of the original basement kitchen of the villa, the sound bled out into the grounds as if a whisper from within the building. 

Apartment E was written and recorded for Offene Ateliers Starnberg, held from July 31–August 1, 2021. The open studios were a public moment as part of the Writers Residency program of Kunstverein München

View text transcript here

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