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Ginger&Piss #5: Audience

Co-editor w/ Reinier Klok

Published in two parts by Kunstverein, Amsterdam

March and November, 2020

Designed by Marc Hollenstein, with contributions by Aunty Rose, Chantal Baden Baden, Nathaniel Clark, Divided Subject and Valentina Nails

Ginger&Piss, Kunstverein’s in-house magazine, is a cross between an academic journal and a darts club newsletter. Each issue contains a number of contributions that vary in length according to the subject matter at hand. The remit of Ginger&Piss​ is simple: to provide a platform for candid critique but at the same time allow the author to stay hidden. Therefore, each contributor writes under a pseudonym.


Split across two formats for the first time—an online component posing questions and the usual printed version revealing the answers—this issue of Ginger&Piss transformed into a confession booth turned audience survey to serve two specific aims. On the one hand it seeks to provide

unfabricated answers to questions about who Kunstverein’s audience really is (or is not, yet!) and on the other it attempts to bring to the surface the many factors that can complicate statistical reasoning in the first place. In terms of the latter, such an urge came from a personal fatigue on part of the editors around the bureaucratisation of artistic work, with them preferring instead to go against the instrumentalisation of art and art institutions by instrumentalising exactly those processes to facilitate artistic experiment.

Ginger&Piss #5: Audience is available through KunstvereinIdea Books and at selected bookshops.

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